It’s the little things that make a big difference, and because we care how you look and how you sound, we’ve thought long and hard about how we present you, the star, to your audience.  You face them, they applaud you.  You feel great!

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Thiskaraoke Karaoke Barnsley Reviews and Important Stuff

In short, if you hire me, you have the best karaoke around.

If you don’t hire me, your competition just might, then they’ll have the best karaoke around, along with your customers.  Just a thought.

How other karaokes perform:

  1. One screen - means the audience can’t see it or you can’t see them
  2. Two microphones (usually cabled or cheap radio mic).
  3. Limited song choice or illegal collection
  4. Mechanical key changer, or no key changer at all
  5. No audience interaction - just calls the next singer
  6. Poor Quality P.A. System
  7. No insurance or P.A.T. Certificate

How  the Joss Dickie’s Karaoke performs:

  1. Multiple screens.  The audience can see what you see (and therefore join in), and you can see your audience.
  2. Five great quality radio microphones
  3. The largest legal collection of karaoke in Barnsley plus a wish list (approx 25.000 tracks)
  4. Electronic key changer, (doesn’t slow the music down)
  5. Reverb (posh form of echo - and much better)
  6. Top quality P.A. system
  7. Your pictures onscreen live on the night
  8. Special Effects on the screen
  9. Facebook page dedicated to your party and free D/Ls of your pictures.
  10. Fully insured and P.A.T. Tested
  11. Full interaction with the audience.  We involve you from start to finish, giving you a full entertainment package.
A Short Comparison…

“Come along, sing a song.”  Only the Joss Dickie’s Karaoke gives you everything you need to be a real singing star.  With the way we mix vocals over music you’ll sound better, you’ll look better, you might even get a girlfriend/boyfriend/sugar daddy (Delete as appropriate).  Not everyone can give you that promise.

The Joss Dickie’s Karaoke - just sing.  Better