The Joss Dickie’s Karaoke has been away for five minutes, and the whole world collapses into musical slurry.

So, we’re back.  Bringing the wants of you, the people, back to the fore.  We’ll give you a quality karaoke that makes you into an instant superstar - no water required.

With our brand new P.A. System, our legendary radio microphones, and our ever popular multi-screen service for your pictures and videos, you know you’re in for the best night of karaoke you can get. Period!…and now, the Sing Better Button!

We try to keep our prices as low as possible, giving you a karaoke as cheap as we can make it. It is not cheap karaoke.  It is an event that makes you the centre of attention, and for the same price as a ‘cheap’ karaoke. Only it’s still not ‘cheap’ karaoke.  If you see what I mean.

This site is just basic  for now until I get time to make it more posh.  Until then, there are plenty of other pics and videos for you to look at - just follow some of these links to see our albums etc.

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If you want the absolute best in karaoke, give me a call on 07809 877 963 and have a chat with me.  I’m always happy to show off what we can do for you.  Once I do, you will be glad I did.



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